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I enter this new but familiar void to reawaken…to renew…to shed…demons… I shed and shun the demons of entitlement & greed, chief among the most detestable traits I see in my self and my fellow man. Entitlement serves only create expectations that end in relief at best and immense sadness in less fortunate events…Greed sets […]

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Visit to Her Sacred Grove

Into your sacred grove you invited me.
Respectfully, I entered finding it beautiful and magic.
You opened libraries and I brought my most precious books
and we asked one another to read
Yet as we did we looked over the shoulder
watching the face and ever scared the other
might not find the same pleasure we had when we read them
or that worse still
the horror of what we had written would send the other to flight

But No! No! more surprising yet
you took the pen and added the missing peace
and I too found where the connections lie
and changed darkness into light.
Effortlessly, it was done in the Love of God;
Guided by the Hand of the one who in His Eternity had kneaded use out of that cosmic stuff as two who were fashioned to become one.

Poem of Purity

The River Flows
look at the River
we see the River flow
there is water for our crops

when the winter wanes and summer surface
the water flows strongly
we see the rapids form
and soil carried away

All the impurities are washed away
we see them diluted in the vast ocean
where all is blue
the Ocean is so big

To get to the Ocean
we see the river follow the lowland
it flows downward
from the great heights of snow capped mountains
it finds its way to the sea

Look at the snow capped mountain
look at the river
see the ocean

when in the valley
we see only the trees
only the bush
and the buzzing bees
only the rapids their violent swirls

climbing higher
up to the mountain top
the vision comes clear
and we are forced to stop

such beauty revealed
in the landscape

there we can see
how water flows
back to the ocean
through gentle bends
and violent crashes

Grace takes the eye

Grace takes the eye,
a swish of fabric
in dappled rays
clear as day
Fatimih, Most Pure sounding the call to a new way
Only dawning then now coming clearer
How violent the reaction to what men fear!
That beauty idealized out of existence
Now present before the dazed.
“Crazed she must be!”
for daring to be?
a beauty so fatal he fears those thoughts seen!
What is she? is she me?
and if she is? What then must I be?
How do i relate? How do we see?
We the generation destined to nurture and comfort
 violent contractions of worldwide pregnancy.
Our attempts to capture, control, and manipulate that feminine form
only result in scorn
no worse! Rebellion! Resistance! and violent Protest!
She in these shifting forms;
Earth mother, lover, wife
mistress, witch-healer, temptress
lunatic, matriarch
humanity in mass, the collective expressed.
How to woo her? recognizing the truth
that only as equal will yin love yang
and yang find peace
find the security he desperately seeks.
With flowers? with kisses?
with love letters? of rose scented perfume?
No, no brother for childish games are not suited to the task.
What is loved is likeness, and her name tells best
Tahirih! O Pure One! thus must the intention be!
If He can find Sublime in union with She.

Harvest Time

Harvest breeze through a grassy field,
smells of fall and changing colors,
wholesome delights among a sweetening time
before the cold in the bones,
before life becomes hidden waiting to manifest,
at a time predetermined but never predictable year to year.
life pulses and blinks
comes forth then retreats
a cyclic feeling of healing, pain, and release.
Without light, darkness we cannot defeat
without bitterness nothing is sweet
Each year brings magic expected yet unexpected
knowing the broad outline
the unique expression finds no prediction precise.
Yet, with each turn of the wheel we learn
and so the upward climb we can ascend
knowing that with great effort we can expect
though just how may be veiled
Perception–Perceive–Perceiving more and more
till the spirituality abounds in us and inspires us more

Exploring Unrelated Things and their Hidden Connections

Some friends and I were filled with joy the other night as we contemplated how creative is the Word of God. How it can take seemingly unrelated things and build bridges of meaning between them. Just this summer two vastly different and profound events occurred in the life of humanity; A House of untold sacredness was demolished in Baghdad, a place that had been home to the Redeemer of the World for 7 short years and saw His powers become manifest and begin to transform the world and a series of 119 youth conferences dotted across the globe focused on translating into reality and action the transformation envisioned by that Wronged One of the world. (For more information about these events see the following links and

What are the odds that such events might coincide with one another in such a way as to make us wonder at the sacrifice made so that the victories of youth around the world might be achieved and a world of unity, peace, and justice established.

Coming back down to reality from this abstract conception we decided to write some poems, finding the most unrelated of things in existence and discovering their hidden connections through poetry. Below I share one attempt at this:

Fireflies and Fruit Snacks

Sweet to the eye,
Sweet to the tongue,
tales of a childhood just begun.

Dialogue and Collective Action

There is a story of an anthropologist who lived among a tribe of hunter-gatherers in North America. Every so often, this tribe of about fifty individuals would come together in a circle and talk. there was no leader and no decisions were taken. Everyone was allowed to talk. Sure enough, there were some who were listened to more, the wiser and the more experienced, and some who spoke more than others, but every individual had the opportunity to speak and the responsibility to listen. Then without any signal or any apparent reason the talking would cease and everyone would disperse. Yet, from that meeting everyone knew what needed to be done and could then meet in smaller groups to  make decisions and act. Everyone knew where each stood with one another and they had a knowledge of each other that went deeper than facts or information.

Last night, I had the joy of visiting a group of people who were studying agriculture together. They came from many parts of the world and some were even farmers. A plantation supevisor  and store clerk from Cameroon, a daughter of a dairy farmer in the Midwest of the United States,  corn growers from Kenya, a farmer from the plains of Canada, an arborist from Vanuatu,  and a soil scientist from Rwanda who had studied in Germany and Canada. All were talking about a small plot of land that they were working on to learn about how to grow multiple crops together. The idea is that by using a diverse group of crops one can use different levels of the soil, harvest year round, use crop rotation, and a more well rounded management approach to farming.

The discussion began organically, after we had played some music and were eating food, one of the friends took a napkin and began drawing, “this is a possible design for our plots…” and so the conversation just started rolling. They exchanged ideas and got themselves motivated to work on this project; which they envisioned would be something that would last over a year, based on the growing season of the different crops they intended to grow.

What struck me is how the conversation though inconclusive lead to a stronger understanding of one another and a commitment to work together. One of the gentleman wished that the conversations and discussions could be more efficient and that perhaps someone in the group could go off and make some decisions and bring them back to the group for them to decide upon, but what the consesus of thought lead to, is that they wanted to do it together, not be led by one individual. This was a collective project and it would be done together in action. As one individual expressed, “we can do all the planning, but when you get out there, reality will be different and will direct the course of the work.”

They recognized that what they were doing would be frustrating and at times difficult. A story of a man pushing a boulder was shared that rang strong with the  group: Every day there was a man who would go and push and and push a big, big, BIG, boulder and everyday that boulder wouldn’t move. People would ask him, “why do you do this?””its never going to move,” But, he paid them no attention and continued pushing. The boulder still didn’t move, but the man became stronger. And one day, even, a landslide came and pushed the boulder away.

Today these friends are coming together to continue working this rocky land on the side of a mountain. There isnt much soil, maybe 3 or 5cm, compared to the deep and rich soil (20-30cm) that are plowed in the lands they come from. Creative and positive thinking are leading them on, and a commitment to learning and collective action are sustaining them as they come up against obstacles and challenges which may seem like a boulder that will never move.